Shocking vision resulted in Officer being stood down

Controversial vision showing an aboriginal man being run down by police has generated uproar amongst online viewers.

A video of an 18 year old Aboriginal man being struck by Police, resulted in Police Commissioner Chris Dawson to stand down the Senior Sergeant in question.

The video was viewed online over 60 thousand times, with users making scathing comments towards WA Police.

“I’m not concerned about social media comments, i’m concerned about the integrity of the way police conduct their duty,” said Commissioner Dawson.

The officer will remain stood down till such investigation is concluded.

“At this point in time i’ve got no reason to stand the officer up again…” he said.

Commissioner Dawson explained incidents like this call for equipment of body cameras on officers, providing a complete recording of any incidents.

“It provides accountability to the officers and indeed some greater assurance for me as a commissioner and the community,” he said.

He said it’s time body cameras are equipped, particularly for officers on frontline duties.

The equipment itself is not expensive, but recording and storing terabytes of data is quite costly.

A business case is underway, with the hope of implementing the systems soon.

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