Shark Fishing is prohibited in City of Cockburn

The City of Cockburn is re-enforcing their existing local law, whereby shark fishing is prohibited, including the use or setting of buoyed lines using blood or any other lure for the purpose of attracting sharks.

Environment Manager at the City of Cockburn, Chris Beaton, explained multiple problems of bring large sharks into shore.

0:35” There’s so many people using the beaches, we just don’t want large sharks in the areas where people in swimming”

Factors that have been attracting the sharks include, fishing, dumping of carcasses resulting in blood polluted waters, and balloons attached to fishing lines to venture into deeper waters.

Concerns over cruelty towards the sharks is also a paramount issue, with some locals posing with sharks as trophies, one of which was a tiger shark – measuring in at 3 metres long.

“We have had anecdotal evidence where some sharks have been caught and their fins have been removed, then dumped back into the water,” he said.

So far no one has been charged with breaching the City’s law, but reiteration of the law was desperately needed, and significant prosecution can result if required.

Similar bans have also been implemented at Cottesloe Beach, and Shark Bay will be banning shark fishing soon.

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