Second violent incident hits Cockburn Shopping Centre

Cockburn residents have been gripped by fear a second time, following another rampage at the Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre.

Police allege that on Wednesday afternoon, a 19-year-old man began acting in a disorderly fashion after being asked to leave a clothing store.

He was joined by three girls who became verbally aggressive to people around them.

Police also allege that one of the girls struck a security guard when he tried to move them away.

The man was charged with disorderly behaviour in a public place and obstructing public officers.

It came after a violent incident on April 1 when a group of girls were arrested after assaulting a number of people including McDonald’s worker and a medical receptionist.

Cockburn Police Senior Sergeant Noel Minnock said the shopping centre had an increased police presence since the attack.

“From those investigations, we have deployed significant resources to Cockburn Gateway in particular, in order to increase the police presence and obviously provide that reassurance to the community,” Snr Sgt Minnock said.

He said police had deployed resources to the area and locals should feel safe.

“The resources will be committed there as long as is necessary.”

“These incidents are isolated incidents and I don’t think it’s indicative of Cockburn in itself.

He warned young people that violent actions were “unacceptable.”

“This behaviour won’t be tolerated,” Snr Sgt Minnock said.

“It’s totally unacceptable to the community and its totally unacceptable to the police and I’ll be doing everything in my power and my resources to ensure the community are safe.”

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