School Strike for Climate gaining strength

Thousands of school students were truant today in a strike against climate change and the Government’s inaction.

The rally outside St George’s Cathedral presented strong youth advocates, speaking up in protest of the climate change that will affect their generation in years to come.

As one student Mikayla explained about 500 metres away one of the world’s biggest meetings of oil and gas producers was occurring, with plans for more carbon producing business ventures, the crowd booed…

“Governments and corporations are profiting from things staying the way they are,”

“But they don’t control us, we are the future leaders of this planet; we are making change here and now,” she protested.

Around the country, 49 other protests attracted similar crowds. Mikayla went on to say there are 77 other countries filled with students telling the world that they want climate justice; the largest student movement the world has ever seen.

“This generation won’t wait for the ice caps to melt, this generation won’t wait until Australia becomes unliveable, but what will we do? We’ll get climate justice…”

The aim of today’s strike is to stop the Adani coal mine, no new coal or gas, ban fracking and achieve net zero emissions by 2030.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, or what you do for a living, or how old you are, we need everybody to strike for climate action,” she said.

Education Minister Sue Ellery remained firm on the premise that school attendance matters.

However, she said it’s really disappointing as a nation to be let down by the Federal Government failing to put together a cohesive action and response to climate change.

“I understand that they feel strongly about it, I respect their views and I know that they feel let down by earlier generations. The point i’m making is it’s a school day,”

“I can understand entirely why they took the action they did, I’m the minister for education, attendance at school matters, and it’s my job to remind people of that,” she commented.

Mikayla said we can’t continue being unsustainable, digging up sacred land and consuming goods like there’s no tomorrow.

“There is a tomorrow… and it’s OURS!”


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