School Children protest against Federal Climate Change inaction

School children around the country boycotted a school day to protest outside city Parliaments, demanding the Government takes much needed action against climate change, with a promising commitment to renewable energy.

Hundreds of school kids gathered in front of parliament chanting and waving politically charged signs, and speaking up for future generations.

12-year-old speaker, Bella Burgermeister, said this is an important issue for kids because they will be the generation that will have to deal with it if nothing is done now.

“Kids are making our voices heard all around the world today and this action will not stop, we call you [politicians] to action…”

“It is time to step up and address the greatest threat for our future and our planet, but you must act now…” she spoke in front of the crowd.

15-year-old Harry Sulley, also commented on the importance of young people getting involved in political issues.

During his speech, Mr Sulley said “In the end it is upon our shoulders that the responsibility lies to take action on climate inaction during our life time, for if we don’t there may not be
much time left…”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison dismissed the nationwide protests, saying there should be less activism in schools.

Mr Sulley scoffed at Mr Morrison’s comments, saying it’s a joke.

“If he actually came to schools and saw whats happening, there’s no wonder why so many activists sprout through high school and why there’s so many supporters here today,”

Local opposition leader, Mike Nahan, argued the children should not be missing from school, saying that children should be children, not to be used as political tools.

“I think children should be left to learn and play, particularly in the lead up to christmas, rather than being used to express legitimate concerns by the teachers and parents,” he said.

Premier, Mark McGowan, said he understands their concerns over the world they’re going to inherit, but advised them not to take the day off school.

“I think it’s a bit silly that he’s telling us to go to school to learn about sustainability and democracy and now he’s going to see it all put in action right here,” said 12-year-old Bella.

Children were encouraged to write letters to the PM pushing for change, with a focus on renewable energies, far away from fossil fuels and coal power.

“We are giving up our childhood to fight for our future” she stated..

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