Rural Emergency Services To Undergo Significant Reform

An $80 million commitment towards the rural fire division, as announced by Premier Mark McGowan, and Emergency Services Minister Fran Logan, will see enhanced bushfire preparedness and more support for fire fighters and volunteers across our state.

Western Australia is renowned for bush fires, with the commitment also going towards bush fire mititgation, and long term management plans.

“We’ve seen some extraordinary bush fires and some of them have resulted in loss of life,” said Mr McGowan.

He said the announcement is important in protecting our huge state and enhancing the capacity of all our fire fighters, in particular volunteers out in regional WA.

“We’re very very supportive of our volunteer firefighters across Western Australia, in the same way we’re very supportive of our permanent firefighters who work for government across our state,”

He also said they do a terrific job, they are great people who serve the community and risk their lives, who go out there and protect homes and properties and lives and livestock.

The Government progressively implemented changes after the Ferguson Report suggested upgrades in planning and facilities.

“We understand it has caused grief and problems for communities across our state, and we’re determined to do something real, something concrete, that will help us deal with this major problem and support our fire fighters across our state,” he said.

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