RU OK Day Kicks off At Parliament With a Moo

A steer escaped its handlers leading them on a chase through Parliament House grounds during an event to promote RU OK Day.

The steer known as Winston and a heifer called Clementine were brought in as part efforts to raise awareness about mental health on behalf of the event.

However, matters took an unexpected turn as Winston gave his handler the slip and charged off, heading down the hill and close to cars on Kings Park Road.

Winston’s handlers were able to bring him back under control and did not make another appearance.

Clementine appeared to not be on her best behaviour either, deciding to take a bathroom break as she was led to the microphones.

It led to Agriculture Minister Alannah MacTiernan to remark “that cow’s pissing it in”.

Sport and Recreation Minister Mick Murray said Winston’s appearance made it not your typical day at Parliament.

“It’s great to bring some excitement to Parliament, something that you’ve seen that farmers deal with every day that cantankerous cows can cause some problems around the place,” he said.

The cow and steer will be donated for sale at the Perth Royal show this year by Dardanup famer Peter Milton.

Proceeds will be donated to Black Dog Ride, expected to raise more than $15,000 for the organisation.

The steer will attend other events before being auctioned, including supermarkets and at Wave Rock near Hyden, south-east of Perth.

Mr Milton said Winston did not get out often, prompting his eagerness to roam around.

“It was Winston’s first day out of the shed in three months, his first public appearance,” he said.

“I guess he got a bit embarrassed.”

“He will be on his best behaviour, the sting’s taken out of him now.”

Winston will appear at a BBQ in Mandurah on Friday.

Mr Milton assured he will be on better behaviour after his escapade.

“I’m really pleased that Winston behaved just as we were hoping he would and created a bit of excitement for the media,” he said.

He said while it was not planned, the excitement created by Winston were welcomed if it helped mental health awareness.

“We’ve found the steer is a great way to open the door, to get people to talk about mental health,” Mr Milton said.

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  1. Lenka King

    The steer is obviously involved in a positive campaign but they forgot to ask if he himself was OK. I think judging by the handler’s comments that it’s not used to being out in the open and that it’s normally fine in its shed speaks volumes. No wonder poor Winston wanted to run free!

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