Reynolds Slammed McGowan Over Labor Party Candidate Appearence

Sparks flew during the press conference between State & Federal Government on Armadale Road expansion, after a Labor Party candidate for Darling Range appeared on the announcement without inviting the Liberal candidate.

Liberal Senator Linda Reynolds expressed her disappointment in front of the media and WA Premier Mark McGowan, saying that Liberal Party’s Darling Range candidate, Alyssa Hayden, was not presented an opportunity to attend.

“I was a bit surprised to see the Labor Party candidate here today, cause I understood that this wasn’t going to be turned into a Darling Range media conference.

“I was actually to be here to celebrate this wonderful Federal, State Government announcement of road infrastructure funds. I’m quite disappointed that the government didn’t provide the Liberal candidate for Darling Range Alyssa Hayden with that opportunity today.”

Premier Mark McGowan responded following Mrs Reynolds’ comment stated that he was not aware of the media arrangement.

Mr McGowan rejected suggestions that he got ‘dressed down’ by the Liberal Senator.

“I don’t think so,” Mr McGowan said.

“It’s obviously a day before a important by-election, our candidate is here because she is a local person who lives inside the electorate, we have a great story to tell to the people of Darling Range,” The Premier said.

“We’ve been working very hard to ensure that Darling Range issues and matters, whether is these important roads, whether is our rail line to Byford, whether is the Danny Avenue underpass, whether is all those issues are dealt with properly.”

“We are the first government in many years that treats the Darling Range electorate seriously.”

Political Experts agreed that exchanged at the press conference has been tense, as both major parties tried to win over voters.

Dr Ian Cook believes the fight for the 6.7% margin will be the key to victory as swing voters may switch allegiance.

“The whole Darling Range by-election is pretty low in terms of the standard we should hope for, this is just another sad moment,” Dr Cook said.

“… This will be further ammunition for those who just want to sink the major parties system and have enough of these sorts of infighting, name calling and the obsession with machinery. … It’s going to turn them off and want to go One Nation, Green, somebody else really.”

The Darling Range by-election will be held tomorrow.



Ivan Leung began his media adventure in 2007 with DHK News Chinese, he worked as a journalist and the senior newsreader in Hong Kong. In 2009, he becomes the DHK English News Executive Producer and the Chief Newsreader in-charging a 20 people news team in HK and Perth, presenting "Evening News" together with Ana Godden. Ivan becomes WAMN's Editor-in-chief after resigned from DMHK due to personal reasons. Ivan can speak fluent Cantonese, Mandarin and English.


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