Regional Farmers Urged To Submit Their Views On Genetically Modified Crop

By Nicholas Farrington

There are hopes that farmers will make their voices heard in the upcoming parliamentary inquiry which aims to help those unfairly disadvantaged by the incursion of genetically modified crop.

The inquiry will explore and discuss compensation for farmers who are impacted by contamination by genetically modified crops (GM).

“It is so important that farmers address this inquiry with their on-the-ground experience,”
Greens Agriculture Spokesperson Diane Evers MLC said.

William and Kelly Newton-Wordsworth said that Contamination between the two crops happens easily and cannot be prevented.

“… GM crops can’t be contained ever, as there is no way to stop the wind, rain, and birds,” they said

”We personally know non-GM farmers who had their crop contaminated from just one big rain.”

The Greens MLC also stated farmers are stand to lose chunks of their income if their crops are found to have been compromised.

“On the open market when they sell their grain if you sell with the sign that it’s GM free, between $40 or $60 a tonne, that means a farmer can lose about 10% of the value of their crop it’s found to have GM content.” Diane Evers MLC explained.

Ms Evers urged farmers to submit their views by Friday 16, February, confidentially can be requested to the Parliamentary Committee.

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