Program to Help Women Achieve Financial Independence

The State Government has granted $10,000 to the Inspire Change project, which aims to help women gain financial independence.

The grant will help the project deliver a series of workshops aimed at mothers with young or primary-school aged children.

Topics covered will help build resilience and economic independence, and include financial literacy, budgeting, loans and superannuation, alternative economic opportunities and childcare options and access.

The Inspire Change project, which is run in the Kwinana and Mandurah area, was one of 11 projects to gain funding under the State Government’s Grants for Women program.

More than $77,000 in grants has been awarded to community groups and local governments for projects focused on addressing the unique problems faced by women.

Women Interest’s Minister Simone McGurk said this program supports projects which provide women with pathways to economic independence, foster leadership skills, and support those who have experienced trauma.

“Women continue to experience significant barriers including the gender pay gap. In Western Australia, women are paid 25.4 per cent less than their male counterparts compared with 18.5 per cent nationally,” she said.

“In addition, women’s average superannuation balances are up to 38 per cent less than men’s.  This means that women are less likely than men to live comfortably when they retire.

“The projects funded through the Grants for Women program equip women with the confidence and knowledge they need to take control of their financial situation, build their income and take on leadership positions at work and in the community.”

Another project to receive funding is angelhands Inc’s Trauma Recovery Training which supports those affected by homicide and serious violence.

Nearly $10,000 will go towards upskilling 20 women to deliver specialised trauma services and gain valuable experience in the mental health industry.

Applications for the grants program can be submitted any time and grants of up to $10,000 are available.

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