Pro Roe 8 petition gains momentum with more than 9000 signatures

As momentum continues to build, the latest Roe 8 petition has attracted over 9000 signatures fighting to keep the project alive.

The State Government plans to permanently delete the road reserve, but public response has indicated a strong support for the construction of Roe 8.

Russel Aubrey, City of Melville Mayor, believes Roe 8 should be built to divert traffic away from South Street, Leach Highway, Canning Highway and other suburban streets.

“For me as the mayor i’ve stood by this, i’ve pushed as hard as I could…” he said.

Mr Aubrey commented on the community and other cities are coming on board with the views of the city. He also said that road safety is closest to our hearts.

“We have pushed for roe highway, not just for road safety but for the amenity for our community,” he said.

Mr Aubrey thinks the construction of Roe 8 will increase driver leisure time, and decrease congestion – saying the future costs of congestion can be avoided, as it’s expected that there will be a 50 per cent increase in traffic across our city between now and 2031.

Once the petition reaches 10,000 signatures, Liberal MP Ben Morton, will action the State Government to commit to the construction of Roe 8.

When asked if Aaron Stonehouse, Liberal Democrats WA upper house MP, is the missing piece to the Roe 8 puzzle, Mr Aubrey said he has spoken to Mr Stonehouse and believes it will ultimately be his decision for whether or not we lose the road reserve for the future development of Roe Highway.

“Aaron Stonehouse is a logical person, he’s new to parliament and someone who has promised to look at this objectively, getting all the facts in front of him and representing the views of the community of the south metropolitan area,”

“I believe he will make the right decision, and that will be to stay with the status quo – to leave the road reserve for Roe Highway in place for future generations,” said Mr Aubrey.

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