Premier unveils Perth Mint Australian Trilogy Collection

Premier Mark McGowan unveiled The Perth Mint’s $1.8 million one-of-a-kind Australian Trilogy coin collection.

This is the world’s first coin collection to incorporate pink and violet diamonds, sourced from Rio Tinto’s Argyle diamond mind.

The collection’s comprised of three coins struck from gold, platinum and rose gold. They each feature an iconic Australian native animal.

Premier McGowan says, the collection “features the iconic Australian kookaburra, kangaroo and koala, and is the first coin collection in the world to incorporate pink and violet diamonds.”

The Perth Mint has been operating since 1899 and attracted 70,000 people to its gold exhibition last year. Gold is WA’s third biggest export, with the state’s gold mines producing more than 70 percent of the country’s gold.

McGowan also says, “the creation of such a unique collector’s item reinforces the superb craftsmanship of The Perth Mint and will help entice more visitors to the attraction.”

The collection is open for public viewing at the Perth Mint’s Hay Street retail store until the end of June.

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