Premier promotes ‘Don’t Walk Away’ Campaign across regional WA

Premier Mark McGowan is visiting regional WA, promoting the ‘Don’t Walk Away’ campaign against Federal Government cuts to remote housing funding.

The Commonwealth Government walked away from a 10 year agreement, no longer supporting remote communities through funding for new housing, which would have cost $1.2 billion.

Instead, an offer of $60 million dollars over the three years was made, creating a deficit of a required $400 million across the forwards estimates.

There is no further funding committed beyond the three year offer.

“The Federal Government has made it clear to us, as well as other states, that it no longer considers funding for remote housing to be a Federal responsibility,” Mr McGowan said.

He explained the dire urge for the Federal Government to continuing to support these communities, saying the offer on the table is not enough and leaves the State with a huge funding shortfall.

“Successive Federal Governments have provided assistance in these areas for around 50 years. Now is not the time to turn their backs on these communities, at a time they are facing significant challenges,” he said.

The Premier is visiting Derby, Kunnunurra and Broome with the hope of encouraging the Kimberely community to support the ‘Don’t Walk Away’ campaign and the 12,000 West Australians living in remote communities.



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