Pollies Work Hard Play Hard On Wheelchair Basketball

By Kelly Smith & Nathan Reilly

If you’re bored of political ‘football’, you may want to check out politicians hitting it out on the court in a game of wheelchair basketball.

Labor and Liberal politicians were yet again in a two horse race as they battled it out, in a friendly but competitive game of wheelchair basketball in Perth city, in honour of World Disability Day.

So why wheelchair basketball you may ask?

The Minister for Disabilities Stephen Dawson had this to say, “It’s a really important day around the world because it celebrates the achievements of people with disabilities. It’s also nice for us as politicians to actually experience only a tiny bit of a daily life of someone in a wheelchair”.

The game was seen as a great leveller of the field with both parties and experienced wheelchair basketballers able to see eye to eye.

With joy being found in the competition and a small insight into the lives of the people Mr Dawson and others petition for in parliament daily.

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