Police survey reveals officers let down by the State Government

Worrying details regarding the morale of Western Australian police has been highlighted in a recent survey.

The WA Police Union survey gave detailed insight into how a number Police officers feel let down by the McGowan Government.

Police officers are saying very clearly they don’t trust this government, and they’re saying that the government doesn’t have priority on law and order,” said Shadow Police Minister, Peter Katsambanis.

85% of surveyed officers believe they are not appropriately resourced, and 80% feel law and order is not a priority.

The Government’s $250 million dollar budget cuts, failure to supply important safety equipment, refusal to give a fair pay rise and no introduction of a workers compensation scheme as promised has contributed to the low morale amongst WA Police.

“Unfortunately this government doesn’t have police officers backs…”

“Police officers are stretched to their limit,” said Mr Katsambanis.

Also highlighted in the survey was the fact WA Police Officers are not promoting the force as a viable career option for family members and young people.

“It’s extraordinarily worrying when you hear that young people are thinking of not joining the police force, and it’s because of the way that this government continues to mistreat police officers,” he commented.

Mr Katsambanis explained if they’re going to feel unwanted and mistreated, then they’re going to walk away and actively discourage their own families from becoming police officers.

Premier Mark McGowan said he has the utmost respect for WA Police, saying they do a terrific job across WA.

Mr McGowan said the current funding for the WA Police is at a four year high of $395 million dollars, with additional staffing and resources being rolled out in metropolitan and regional WA.

We’re putting more resources into police but you can never put as much in as people might like, but we’re funding our police to a better standard than ever before,” he said.

Mr Katsambanis is calling on the government to reverse the budget cuts, follow through on all promises made and provide adequate resources so officers can feel safer when they’re out protecting our community.

“Because they put their lives on the line every single day to protect the community, it’s just not good enough for this government to walk away from our police officers…” he said.

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