Police Figures Reveal Crime Rate Risen By 5 Percent

By Nicholas Farrington

Crime rates have risen by 5 percent in the last quarter of 2017 according to Police statistics.

Over the last three months, the figures show general assaults were up by 16%, property damage by 11%, burglary by 12%, threatening behaviour by 15% and murder up by 50%.

Liberal Opposition’s Police Spokesman, Peter Katsambanis, said the statistics should be confronting to the Police Minister.

“Minister Roberts is now seeing what happens when you sweep into office, strip millions of dollars from the policing budget, pull officers off the street and put them behind desks, destroy police morale with a damaging industrial dispute and scrap a successful policing model,” Shadow Minister for Police Peter Katsambanis said.

However, Minister Michelle Roberts has responded to these comments, reminding Mr Katsambanis that the McGowan Government’s first budget included an increased police budget.

The rise in budget means more officers were recruited.

“Unlike the Liberal Party, who did not commit to providing a single additional officer, our Government in extremely difficult financial circumstances has committed to providing 138 additional police officers over the next two years,” Minister Michelle Roberts said.

“Traditionally the December quarter has had higher crime rates when compared with the winter months, but when comparing with the December quarter in 2016, crime is down.”

Mrs Roberts also expressed confidence that Police Commissioner Chris Dawson’s new metropolitan policing model will reduce crime.

“I am hopeful the changes Commissioner Dawson has announced and is making to the metropolitan policing model, will assist with further reductions in crime.”

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