PM to welcome his New Zealand’s counterpart

By Darcy Daley

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will welcome his counterpart from across the ditch, John Key in the annual Australia-New Zealand leaders’ meeting in Sydney this Friday.

According to a press release from the Prime Ministers office, the two leaders will hold discussions about the business link between the countries at a Trans-Tasman business circle lunch.

They will also discuss other issues such as climate change, the treat of terrorism, and the Syrian refuge crisis.

“Australia and New Zealand share a unique and close partnership which is underpinned by shared history and values,” The statement reads.

“We share a common view of the world and work closely together in the region and internationally to advance our common interests.”

In 2015 the Trans-Tasman goods and services was valued at $23.4 billion.

Prime Minister Keys visit won’t be all that long but it will be affiant according to Prime Minister Turnbull.

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