War Veterans Remembered on Korean War Armistice Anniversary

Western Australians have been urged to reflect and remember the service of fallen war veterans on the 64th anniversary of the Korean War armistice.

Australia became involved in the Korean War five years after the end of World War II with Royal Australian Navy, Royal Australian Air Force and the Australian Regular Army deployed soon after the Korean War began.

Australia helped defend South Korea for the next three years.

The armistice was signed at 10am on July 27 1953. Sporadic fighting continued throughout the day but the armistice came into effect at 10pm, ending three years of war in Korea.

More than 17,000 Australian sailors, soldiers, airmen and nurses served in the Korean War between June 29 1950 to July 1953.

339 were killed, 1,216 were wounded and 29 were listed as prisoners of war.

43 Australian servicemen are still listed as ‘Missing in Action.

Veterans Issues Minister Peter Tinley said Australian troops played a significant role in the conflict.

“The Korean War was a significant event in Australia’s military history, with our sailors, soldiers, airmen and nurses winning international respect for their courage, endurance and combat skills,” he said.

“In addition to fighting a determined enemy, our troops endured the hardships of extreme weather, fighting in freezing winter conditions and scorching summer heat. They put their lives at risk to protect people in need and to fight for a better future.”

He said the contributions of Western Australians serving in the war should be recognised.

“It is important we reflect on the service of these brave men and women whose lives were forever changed by what is often termed the “forgotten war.”

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