WA Launches Road Safety Booklets for Foreign Drivers

The State Government and Road Safety Commission has launched a series of road safety booklets in foreign languages, with the hope of improving road safety for international visitors.

The Italian Consul approached the RSC earlier this year after an Italian man here on a working holiday, arrived and then was tragically killed in a road crash two days later, on South Western Highway near Balingup.

This prompted a request by the Consul to provide readily accessible information, in foreign languages to foreign travellers.

The ‘On the Road’ booklet will be available in seven different languages, including Italian, German, Mandarin, Malay, Korean French and English. More languages will be available soon in an electronic format online.

Michelle Roberts, Police Minister, said the information will be helpful to people not use to WA’s driving conditions.

“It’s a surprising fact that nearly one million people a year choose to take a self drive holiday in WA,” she said.

“We think these guides will help save lives and reduce the numbers that foreign tourists have on our roads.”

Franck Paolino, Italian Consular Secretary, said we don’t want to lose anyone on our roads here in WA.

“We believed that we needed to get this education and this information out to people, when they arrive in Australia before they sit behind the wheel of a vehicle, before they take to our roads,” he said.

Road safety topics and information includes; long stretches of unsealed road, long distances, road trains, driving on the left, negotiating roundabouts in a clockwise direction, fatigue,and wildlife such as kangaroos and emus.

The booklets will be distributed widely across WA to a variety of drivers, from backpackers, hotels, at the airport and when renting a vehicle for their holiday.


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