WA Government Progresses on Consultation For Puppy Farm Ban

The State Government has continued its fight against puppy farming in WA, calling for public consultation on its proposals to stop the practice.

Local Government Minister David Templeman said the Government’s consultation paper would be available for feedback, asking the community, industry and local government protect dogs from suffering and neglect on puppy farms.

“Stopping puppy farming was a McGowan Government election commitment – it is a cruel practice and it needs to stop,” Mr Templeman said.

A range of options will be presented and addressed in the paper including mandatory dog de-sexing and breeding standards, centralised registration system to track dogs and transitioning pet shops into adoption centres.

The changes are designed to help create a more regulated breeding industry and reduce the number of dogs experiencing neglect and rehoming.

“As an unregulated industry in Western Australia, puppy farming is able to operate without scrutiny, resulting in many unwanted dogs at animal shelters,” Mr Templeman said.

“Dogs are an important part of families and the community, so feedback is essential to enable a well-informed decision on the impact of the changes across the State, industry and government sector.”

The WA government has allocated $250,000 in the 2018-19 State Budget to implement the ban.

The proposed changes will be available for comment until August 3.

“This is an exciting opportunity for all Western Australians to work together to contribute to the future health, welfare and protection of dogs,” Mr Templeman said.

Maylands MLA Lisa Baker said “the time has come to end this inhumane practice.”

“Western Australians have been crying out for action on this matter for years,” Ms Baker said.

“I strongly urge anyone who loves dogs and cares about their welfare to comment on our proposals.”

“All feedback will be considered as part of the McGowan Government’s actions on this issue.”

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  1. Fred Horsfield

    As an ex pig farmer,I can tell you now,that if you want to get rid of an industry(puppy farms)then get rid of their market.Make it illegal to sell puppys through pet shops and you will kill the industry because they won’t be able to sell the pups in bulk,and any that take too long to sell will eat into their profits.Therefore ,having to sell singlely will take too long.I believe that if you insist on having all none registered breeding age dogs sterilized,you will do more harm than good.First off,there are people who won’t get them sterilized simply because” government waving the big stick”.Secondly there are people who won’t be able to afford the vet bill,and the female operation is quite expensive—-I doubt if the vets will drop their prices.This may well cause huge numbers of dogs being dropped off at the pounds.Isn’t that what you are trying to stop?Thirdly,the only people who will regester their dogs will be mostly the show people who not only love their dogs,but also dream of breeding the perfect show winning dog,and I hate to think what those people will charge for a pet ,when there is no more pups around.Wouldn’t this be a perfect situation for puppy farms to start up again?If the puppy farms did start up again,WA is too big to police properly.There are well meaning people who absolutely love animals and only want whats best for them.Unfortunately they don’t think ahead very far.I believe stopping the sale of dogs through the shops will give the desired effect when it comes to the puppy farms,but anymore will cause more trouble than ever.

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