WA Government allocates $7.3 million to combat catastrophic bushfires

The Government will deliver a record $7.3 million in bushfire management funding assistance throughout Western Australia.

A $5 million fund will be shared with 17 regional councils and agencies to physically address local bushfire threats.

Meanwhile, $3.3 million will be assigned to regional councils in order to carry out 410 bushfire mitigation measures including planned burns, weed control, mechanical clearing, fire breaks and access roads.

Regional councils who are eligible for funding will be provided with $500,000 later this year, and almost $1.2 million will be available for other government departments to treat bushfire risks in unmanaged Crown reserves.

The government said this is the first time that the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) has moved into preventative measures, as part of a $35 million package to curb bushfire risk on unallocated Crown land for the next 4 years.

The expenditure will be spread all over Western Australia, with DFES regional officers working with partners to carry out bushfire prevention activities.

The McGowan Government has also allocated $1.1 million to ensure continuous employment for eight permanent DFES Bushfire Risk Management Planning officers.

The officers will assist local councils in all parts of WA, helping them to identify bushfire risks by developing Bushfire Risk Management Plans.

Regional councils may be eligible to apply for the mitigation activity fund once the plans are completed, endorsed by the officer of bushfire risk management and approved by local governments.

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