Unemployment Goes Up As West Australians Seek To Re-Enter The Workforce

WA’s unemployment rate has increased to 6.6% over the last 2 months, with fears they will increase further.

This comes after a 0.8% increase in unemployment several months before.

A lot of people are entering back into the workforce after seeing how the economic downturn played out, and are now stuck with being unemployed.

Shawdow Treasurer, Dean Nalder, said although the unemployment rate is low, participation rates are at an all time high; the large demand for jobs doesn’t meet the limited availability.

“It’s concerning to see unemployment jump the way it did, at the same time the fact that the participation is going up suggests that there’s a lot of people out there that have been sitting for quite some time so that the unemployment rate has been higher than what we’ve been recognising,” he said.

One of the common concerns in the community is job security. More and more people are staying in their jobs for longer; employment is harder to find at the moment causing people to hold onto what they have.

Mr Nalder said long term job prospects in WA are still very strong, with a lot of opportunities to broaden and diversify our community.

“I think it’s a good thing that there’s greater job opportunities for people out there,”

“We need to make the most of the opportunities but where the government can help is ensuring that it’s policy settings are right…”

Mr Nalder said WA needs policies that create jobs, not destroy them. Slugging the households with cost of living increases, employers with increases to payroll and other taxes, and cutting thousands of frontline jobs in the public sector, are not initiatives to boost employment confidence or create jobs.

“The Premier and Treasurer need to realise they cannot tax and sack their way to economic growth,” he explained.

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