One Nation Continues Support For Roe 8 as Labor Remains Short on Wetlands Bill

Colin Tincknell claims One Nation WA will continue to support the construction of Roe 8, despite a Labor Party Bill that could potentially prevent a future resurrection of the road project.

The One Nation leader reiterated his party’s support of the former Barnett Government’s road plan, stating that Roe 8 “needs to be produced” and that Labor’s plan to rezone a section of the wetlands was about “appeasing green groups.”

“It needs to go ahead,” Mr Tincknell said.

“They’ve already cleared the land, the traffic around that area is causing problems, there’s been traffic deaths and accidents galore.”

“Things need to be done.”

He said he did not believe Labor was serious about Roe 8 and stopping construction of the project was all about getting votes in the last state election.

“Labor don’t care about Roe 8,” Mr Tincknell said.

“They never have done, they’ve only opposed Roe 8 because they wanted the Green party preferences.”

He said he believed the bill would not be passed and did not think crossbenchers would be backing the government’s amendment bill to protect the wetlands.

“Aaron Stonehouse and Rick Mazza and the crossbench One Nation members, I can’t see those people supporting it,” he said.

The State Government introduced a Bill into Parliament on Wednesday to amend the Metropolitan Region Scheme to protect the Beeliar wetlands.

Part of the wetlands would be rezoned to preserve it for future generations and in the process, no longer be able to be used to construct the road.

19 votes are needed to pass the laws through the Legislative Council but the government would still need one more vote to pass it, even with the Greens’ support.

Liberal-Democrat Aaron Stonehouse could be the deal maker or deal breaker, supporting both the McGowan Government’s plans for an outer harbour but also the need to transport freight throughout the city.

Mr Tincknell has maintained that both Labor and Liberal parties had been a “complete stuff up”, with the Liberal Party not consulting well and Labor changing its mind before the election.

However, Mr Tincknell said Roe 8 could be resurrected in the future despite current Labor decisions.

“I think that Roe 8 will be resurrected,” he said.

“I think that if the Liberal Party get back in, in the next election or the one after that, it will come back.”

“The reason why? Because the public and the people in that area are crying out for it.”

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