New Police drug test for motorists

WA Police are implementing a new drug swipe kit, allowing officers to test for more than just the presence of alcohol.

200 roadside drug testing kits are being rolled out across metropolitan and regional WA, alongside an increased police crackdown on drink and drug driving over the festive season.

The three step test will help detect motorists that are under the influence of cannabis, ecstasy and methamphetamines.

The new kits are portable and more simple to use, allowing an anywhere anytime approach to drug impaired driving.

This year, 2,615 drivers have been caught driving with illicit drugs in their system.

Police Commissioner, Chris Dawson, said roadside drug testing will now be a priority.

“We know from the calendar year where we had 161 deaths on the road, the toxicology test showed that  37% of all fatal crashes, persons had illegal substances in their system,”

“We’ve found that 1/10 motorists that we are testing, are failing.” he said.

This morning, five drivers already failed the drug swipe test in Burswood.

The cost per swipe is $45, and is then confirmed with secondary testing and chemical analysis, totalling $250.

But the real cost is the loss of lives and serious harm to motorists on our roads.

Police Minister, Michelle Roberts, urges all drivers to stay safe over the festive period.

“The road toll this year is significantly down on last year and previous years, whilst that’s great, every death is still shocking for the family and friends involved,”

“Think ahead, don’t drink and drive. don’t take risks with your life or the lives of other road users,” she said.

Double demerit point penalties are in effect from midnight tonight until the 7th of January.

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