McGowan Calls Barnett as “Bitter”

Mr McGowan has labelled former Premier Colin Barnett as “sad,” after he warned Perth that the corruption from WA Inc. will return under the Labor government.

Yesterday, Mr Barnett told Parliament that the “preconditions” for WA Inc. exist in the Labor government today.

“I am not predicting that history will be repeated, indeed I hope that history is not repeated, but from that perspective of over 40 years, the one thing that is very clear to me is that the preconditions for what happened in the 80s and the early part of this century exist today,” he said.

Mr Barnett didn’t elaborate any further on what exactly these preconditions are.

The WA Inc. scandal saw the government lose $1 billion in the 1980s, through deals between the Brian Burke Labor government and businessmen such as Alan Bond.

Today, Mr McGowan slammed those comments, saying Mr Barnett is “imagining things.”

“Considering his government is the most secretive government in the history of the state, I think he needs to look in his own backyard before he starts throwing wild accusations around,” he said.

“I just suggest to him that acting with dignity, and acting with a sense of humility, wins you far more friends than throwing around wild accusations and showing how bitter and sad you are.”

Mr McGowan said Mr Barnett needs to accept the result of the election and move on.

“When you leave high office, you can behave with dignity and grace or you can act like Mark Latham and Tony Abbott, and Mr Barnett is following the Abbott- Latham route,” he said.

He said yesterday’s comments showed Mr Barnett has a “lack of reality” and that he is “trashing his own legacy by wearing his bitterness on his sleeve.”

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  1. BILL Reply

    To early to call, just have to wait a while then when his time is up just see what McGowan achieves.He is already making enemies with his have to do attitude.

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