Man’s accused of hoon driving with child in front seat

Police have impounded a 44 year old Spearwood man’s car for alleged hoon driving with their five year old in the front seat not properly restrained.

At 6:55pm on Friday 29th the man was stopped at a red light on the intersection of Spearwood Avenue and Barrington Street.

Police will allege that after the traffic lights turned green the man revved his engine causing his car to do a burnout before speeding off through the intersection.

The man’s Ford Falcon was sitting next to another Ford Falcon at the intersection, which police allege was also driving in a similar manner.

Nearby police pulled the man over using their emergency lights, and established that the man had just bought the car earlier that day, and had his five year old in the front seat.

The car was impounded for 28 days, and the man is due to face court on charges related to hoon driving and improper child restraint.

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