Labor Darling Range Candidate Colleen Yates Faces New Doubts Over Education Qualifications

New doubts have been raised about education of WA Labor’s Darling Range candidate Colleen Yates, after conflicting reports emerged about her university qualifications.

Ms Yates is facing scrutiny over reports she never attended one college she listed in her resume, or studied subjects she claimed to have studied at another university.

The US-born Labor candidate listed degrees from Washington University in St Louis in her LinkedIn page as well Fort Lewis College in Colorado.

However, Washington University said Ms Yates did not achieve a degree from them, while Fort Lewis College claimed it did not have any record of Ms Yates ever enrolling at the university.

Ms Yates listed a Bachelor of Engineering/Masters of Architecture between 1984 and 1986 as well as Fort Lewis College in Colorado as the place she studied petroleum engineering between 1982 and 1983.

The fresh criticisms came as Labor was forced to defend her for listing an MBA from the University of Western Australia on her LinkedIn profile, despite having never completing the degree.

Her LinkedIn page has since been deleted.

Ms Yates told Nine News on Wednesday that it was an inaccurate assumption for people to think that she misrepresented her education.

“It’s unfortunate that people have read into it wrong but there’s been no misrepresentations by myself to anyone, especially the Labor party,” she said.

“It never said that I had my MBA, it said I was undertaking studies or something along those lines.”

Deputy Premier Roger Cook said Colleen Yates had provided the required documentation to the party to be considered for the electorate.

“Can I say that Colleen Yates has provided all the necessary information to the Australian Labor Party and that information has been complete,” Mr Cook said.

“The information I have is that she’s been completely truthful and thorough and comprehensive in the information that she’s provided to the Australian Labor Party, as a candidate for the Australian Labor Party.”

“There may be some genuine error in relation to the information, the boxes that she’s ticked in relation to LinkedIn, but we’re very confident that she’ll be a great representative to the people of Darling Range.”

He said WA Labor would be still fully standing behind her.

“She’s a long term public servant and has got a long esteemed career representing the community,” Mr Cook said.

“She’ll make a great contribution to WA’s parliament and I have every confidence in her candidacy.”

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