Hamilton Hill High School Bids Farewell After 56 Years Of Education

After 56 years of service, and several generations of passing through its doors, Hamilton Hill Senior High School is closing.

Events leading up to the closure allowed community members and past students to relive their memories at the school.

Principal of Hamilton Senior High School, Paul Bottcher, said the school has played an integral role in the community.

“Hammy, as we call it affectionately really gets under your skin very quickly, so today is a very very sad day particularly for staff but also for the wider community that has become very attached,” he said.

173 current students and majority of the staff will relocate to Fremantle College next year. Mr Bottcher believes the move could be very positive, educationally and for the community.

City of Cockburn Mayor, Logan Howlett, submitted suggestions to the planning commission and hopes the future site will be developed into something great for all community members.

“The city’s desire to have a mix of urbanisation, mixing business and residential, needs to be gauged closely with the community to as the structure plan is put into place,” he said.

“It’s important for all people, especially people involved with the school itself, that whatever happens blends in and contributes to the community,”

Mr Bottcher said Landcorp is planning on retaining the character of the school, using the breeze bricks in some of their landscaping designs. A number of the big beautiful trees, a part of the school’s history, will also be retained.

Various pieces of artwork from Hamilton Senior High School will be incorporated at Fremantle college, in preservation and remembrance. Students, and community members alike, will be able to acknowledge the school’s contribution and service to the community.


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