Councillors to Face Compulsory Training Laws Under New Local Government Reforms

Training will become mandatory for local government candidates and council members, the State Government has revealed.

The McGowan Government made the online induction prior to nominating for this year’s local government elections compulsory to better equip them and provide greater transparency.

Under the Local Government Legislation Amendment Bill 2019 introduced on Thursday, the requirement will need to be completed to ensure they know what is involved in becoming an elected member and campaigning rules.

They will also be required to complete five modules of training within the first 12 months of being in office after election.

The government has introduced additional reforms  including a code of conduct, CEO recruitment and performance management standards, a new framework for accepting gifts and improved reporting to the community.

Local Government Minister David Templeman said transparency of local government would increase with the reforms.

“Reforms to the local government sector begin with training,” Mr Templeman said.

“By better preparing council members for their complex and important role, we will see more efficient and effective decisions being made.”

He added councillors would benefit, improving their contribution to governance.

“Local government is an important tier of government and makes a significant contribution to Western Australian communities,” Mr Templeman said.

“I am pleased to introduce this legislation today which illustrates the McGowan Government’s commitment to ensuring the local government sector has the tools to face the challenges of a modern world.”

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