Biggest Meth Seizure in Australian history

A joint organised task force operation seized the biggest haul of methamphetamines in Australian history, weighing in at 1.2 tonnes with an estimated value of over $1 billion dollars.

Australian Federal Police, WA Police, Australian Border Force, and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission have been focusing on a significant organised crime group over the last 6 months.

Today, 8 people were interdicted and arrested off WA’s coast near Geraldton, as they tried to get the drugs into Australian shores.

The drugs arrived in our waters via a mothership, originating from China. It will be alleged that organisers and facilitators of the drug infiltration were the men arrested.

These men could face life imprisonment after being charged with a variety of offences including,
– Importation of a commercial quantity of border controlled drugs,
– Possession of border controlled drugs of a commercial quantity.

Leanne Close, Deputy Commissioner of Operations AFP, believes the drugs were intended for the Eastern States and not WA. But regardless of where they were destined for, the AFP worked tirelessly to intercept the infiltration and stop the lucrative business of methamphetamines in Australia.

“It’s the largest meth bust in Australian history, and the largest ever seizure in WA. It shows what the strength and effectiveness of our intelligence informed multi agency approach to stopping criminal groups attempting to bring drugs into Australia,” said Ron O’Donnell, Australian Border Force.

Joint working across governments, all states and commonwealths, will be done to ensure the reduction in demand for meth is significant in all communities.

WA Police Commissioner, Chris Dawson, said the seizure is a tremendous interruption in the supply chain, and will in turn not impact our communities.

“It’s caused that much harm to the community, and while we’re thankful that this amount is no longer going to be out there getting into the lives of everyday australians, there’s so much more that we have to do,” he said.

The investigation is ongoing, and will continue to unfold.

Picture Courtesy: Australian Federal Police

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