Perth Hit By Supernova Weekend

Contributed By Finlay Foster & Taylah Hanna

Supanova is a 2 day convention celebrating comics, cosplay, gaming, anime, tv, movies and everything else nerdy.

Filled with lots of fun, costumes, stars, and lots of cool things to buy, Supanova highlights pop culture to fans both young and old, with over 25,000 people expected to attend.

Daniel Zachariou, event director, said it’s all about people who want to engage with imaginary worlds.

Cosplaying is one of the main attractions to the event, where patrons often make their own costumes months in advance of the actual convention.

“People love to dress up and get into cosplay! They can express themselves and have fun,” he said.

This year, the line up of tv and movie stars features some big names in the “nerd” world.

Christopher Lloyd from ‘Back to the Future’, Terri Hatcher who is dubbed as the best Lois Lane ever, and John Levene as Sergeant Benton in ‘Doctor Who’, to name a few.

Mr Zachariou said the combination of special guests, cosplay, and exclusive collectibles and merchandise make Supanova a massive party that you don’t want to miss!

However, his favourite moment of the whole convention is something much simpler.

“Thing that I look forward to the most is when the doors open and I see all of those excited faces moving into the convention,”

“The payoff for me is everybody smiling,” he added.

When asked how to describe Supanova, Mr Zachariou said it’s for people who are young at heart eternally.

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