Perth Experiences Preview of Summer As Warm Weather Returns

Perth is getting ready for the return of summer, with warmer weather expected to return next week.

Hints of a warm week have previewed the months ahead, with Thursday reaching 33 degrees, with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting a consecutive 33 degree day on Friday.

Temperatures will drop between the mid to high twenties through to early next week, before returning to 32 degrees on Wednesday.

The city had previously been experiencing mild conditions with colder nights on Monday and Tuesday, before Thursday’s forecast of 33 degrees.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s Manager of Media and Communications Neil Bennett said that the first week of November was not typical November weather, but a warm week was on the way.

“It does look with the winds starting to shift from the east to the north-east over the next couple of days that we’ll start to see those temperatures pick up to be in excess of 30 degrees for a day or so,” Mr Bennett said.

He said there will be cooler temperatures because of a weak front but it would only bring temperatures down to the mid-twenties before the barometer heated up again, but it was a typical pattern of the spring and summer seasons.

Mr Bennett added that Perth can expect temperatures into the thirties.

“The outlook for the next three months suggests that the odds of being above average are higher than the odds of being below average,” he said.

“That would suggest we’re more than likely to see temperatures into the mid-thirties, getting temperatures into the forties is obviously part and parcel of a Perth summer.”

“We would expect to start to see temperatures into the thirties more frequently and especially as we move into the latter part of December and into the early part of January, we start to see the heat building up.”

He advised people to start taking summer precautions at the weather warmed up.

Friday is forecast to reach 33 degrees, Saturday will drop to 28 degrees, Sunday’s temperature will fall further to 25 and remain at 25 on Monday before rising to 26 on Tuesday and reaching 32 degrees on Wednesday.

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