Morrison: Abbott’s Migration Cuts Proposal Will Cost $5 Billion

Former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott’s proposal to cut permanent migration to Australia would cost the federal budget almost $5 billion dollars over the next four years.

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison, said Abbott’s plan fails to recognise the economic prosperity created by migrants.

Tony Abbott’s plans to reduce Australia’s annual immigration intake by 80,000 people is ill-fated, as the proposed $5 billion dollar cuts would be too costly and deny the economy much needed contributions from skilled migrants.

“Most of the sort of mainstream economists generally argue that immigration boosts employment, and the sort of demand they produce ends up creating jobs,” said Ian Cook, political expert and senior lecturer at Murdoch University.

But One Nation’s Charles Smith argues that excessive immigration is affecting employment, calling for immigration at a more sustainable level.

“Migrants come in, they work, they have a job, they pay taxes, thats not the issue,”

“But what is an issue is the driving of wages lower for people who are already in Australia. West Australian citizens that struggle to get work because they’re being out competed is an issue,” Mr Smith said.

It is projected that Perth will be home to 3.5 million people within the next 10-20 years.

Mr Smith said we are simply not ready for that amount of people and supports the government creating a population plan for WA, including upgrading infrastructure.

Lily Chen, migration lawyer, said Australia will always be an immigration country.

“Really, this country is because of the migrants,”

“This country provides a lot of opportunities for people who are willing to work, regardless of your occupation or ethnicity. And this is why migrants really like this country,” she said.

Ms Chen thinks the federal government only sees the negative aspects of immigration, and should consider how much immigrants actually contribute to the Australian economy.

“Use data, use evidence to speak for itself. We don’t need any politicians to say anything…” she said.

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