OPINION: Trump, Media, Public Engagement And Where It’s Heading

OPINION BY: Martin Turner, Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance WA Media Section President 

Donald Trump controls the media, so if you’re someone who uses media (and you’re engaging with the media right now), welcome to Trump Land.

You may wonder why this has happened in a very short time. Trump is barely out of his presidential diapers after two years apparently running the Free World.

It’s partly because the media wants it that way. Trump is good for business. Seriously good. It’s like his jocks were made for shock (there’s another non-intentional reference to The Donald’s undies).
Media is like constant shock treatment, in doses small enough to handle and big enough to know the electrical pulse switch is working properly.

To be engaged, you have to be awake. So, every media cycle, which means every day, or every few hours, depending on your view, we receive a Donald shock. Today it’s his response to the centenary of Armistice Day and devastating American fires. Tomorrow it’s… well, it’s just tomorrow. Cue tens of millions of clicks and views.

Does it matter? The media is getting its share and we’re endlessly entertained or enraged or nodding in furious agreement. Well, yes, of course it does. The president might be shocking us via the media he disdains but he and his kind are endlessly monitoring just what sorts of shocks can be sustained.

So he tries it on in his capacity as POTUS, particularly around issues like race and fake news and why he’s the most tremendous president since presidents were created.

Just be ready for the bigger shocks he probably has in store. Today it’s a reporter or an opposition politician or a Latino refugee.

But he’s the American President, with armies, border forces, willing citizens with the right to bear as many arms as their arms will allow under his sway. If he really tests out that electrical pulse, we could well feel it in Australia in ways that will truly shock you out of your complacency.

On the 100th anniversary of the end of the War to end war, take just a moment to consider where you see all this heading.

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