No deal reached as second Trump-Kim Summit cut short

By Helene Fung, Picture Courtesy: White House

The high profile summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean Kim Jong-un in Vietnam collapsed, as the parties failed to reach agreement over US sanctions on the North Korea.

In a news conference afterwards, Mr Trump said the breakdown occurred over North Korea’s insistence that all sanctions the US had imposed be lifted without North Koreacommitting to eliminate its entire nuclear arsenal.

However, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho said that they had only sought a partial lifting of sanctions, and had offered a “realistic” proposal to end nuclear production, including the dismantling of its main nuclear site at Yongbyon.

“This is the biggest denuclearisation step we can take based on the current level of trust between the two countries,” said Mr Ri.

Mr Ri said that the US demanded “one more” measure over and above dismantling Yongbyon without naming what the measure is. He further indicated that even if Washington proposed further talks, North Korea’s position would not change.

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