New Youth Advisory Council to Influence WA Government

The WA government is forming a council of 10 outstanding young Western Australians to provide input into Government youth policy.

The Ministerial Youth Advisory Council will investigate matters referred to them by the Minister for Youth and provide feedback based on young people’s experiences.

Young people with a broad range of knowledge, skills, backgrounds, experience and education across metropolitan and regional WA will form the council’s members and meet with the Minister on a quarterly basis.

Youth Minister Peter Tinley has called for young Western Australians keen on making a difference to nominate for the council.

He said the idea came from a discussion with five YMCA youth parliamentarians who suggested such a body would give young people a powerful voice on issues affecting them.

“The council will play an essential part in helping to develop WA’s first Youth Strategy,” he said.

“I envisage the strategy will have a two-pronged approach. First, it will help give young people chances to excel through skills and leadership development programs.

“Second, it will ensure that all young people have the same opportunities. I refuse to accept that socioeconomic and environmental barriers should continue to prevent young people accessing suitable opportunities.”

Mr Tinley said he intends to form a mentoring program where young people can partner with those from the private sector, men’s sheds, veterans and peer-to-peer groups.

“Seeking feedback and input from young people across the State is an important first step for the McGowan Government,” he said.

“Participating in the council is a great chance to have a say and contribute to WA’s future planning.  It also gives young people valuable experience that will benefit them in years to come.”

Nominations close on 27 August 2017, to apply visit

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