New Penalties For Drivers Who Pass Too Close To Cyclists

The recent social media outrage triggered policy changes where new WA laws require motorists to allow a one meter space when overtaking cyclists.

Over the last year, 7 cyclists have lost their lives on our roads.

Those who don’t leave adequate space will now face a fines of $400 and the loss of 4 demerit points.

Police Comissioner hopes the new laws will ensure cyclist safety on our roads.

“By far, i’ve seen motorists who simply don’t acknowledge a cyclist on the road as having a right on the road, and they do. So this I think a very even handed way of making sure that we keep all road users safe,” Mr Dawson said

“At the moment the law says you must give sufficient space… no one knows what sufficient is, so this puts that definition on it to say, sufficient is a metre or a metre and a half if you’re going over 60km/h and takes the ambiguity out of the equation,”

Matt Fulton, CEO at West Cycle, explained that the more people we have on bikes, the less it costs the average tax payer.

“Bike infrastructure is far cheaper, there’s less wear and tear on the roads, it’s great for our environment and there’s health benefits too,” Mr Fulton said.

The State Government has now committed to spending $129 million over the next four years on shared bike and pedestrian paths.

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