Nationals Divided Over Barnaby Joyce’s Political Future

Pressure is mounting on Barnaby Joyce as discussions continue within the National Party over whether the Deputy Prime Minister should resign.

A mutiny against Mr Joyce is now public as party members remain divided about his position.

Senior Nationals have been approached to form a delegation to ask Mr Joyce to step down, the ABC claims.

MPs and senators claim he cannot regain his credibility because his reputation had been badly damaged.

Backbencher Ken O’Dowd said Mr Joyce “needs the advice” on his way into Parliament this morning.

“Someone needs to tell him where the party stands,” Mr O’Dowd said on the way into Parliament.

“I would prefer it to be two or three people.”

He said he was openly canvassing who could replace Mr Joyce as party leader and Deputy Prime Minister.

“We’ve got plenty of people in the Nationals party room, a lot of capable guys there,” Mr O’Dowd said.

“If it comes to that we would find a good leader, I feel sure about that.”

However, Nationals Cabinet member David Littleproud has criticised calls for Mr Joyce’s resignation.

He has been one of Mr Joyce’s strongest allies after moving to Cabinet.

“There is no leadership to be resolved,” he said.

Nationals party whip Michelle Landry also said the party was supporting him.

“Barnaby will remain our leader,” she said.

She said he should be given more time and his personal life should be a consideration.

Mr Joyce has been in the spotlight for the past week following the breakdown of his marriage and affair with former media advisor Vikki Campion.

He is facing strong public backlash from constituents about the way he has handled his personal life, which has now placed his future in doubt.

Mr Joyce is also expecting a baby with Ms Campion.

There have also been concerns over whether Ms Campion was Mr Joyce’s de facto partner because her movements among offices would have breached ministerial guidelines.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has attempted to clarify the matter in parliament, confident Ms Campion’s transfers did not contravene standards.

Meanwhile, the Nationals have suggested Veterans’ Affairs Minister Michael McCormack to succeed Mr Joyce.

However, Mr McCormack said he would only accept the position if Mr Joyce resigned.

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