Nahan Calls for Bipartisan Approach With Shorten Over GST Share

The State Opposition has criticised federal Labor for not supporting a better GST deal for WA.

State Liberal leader Mike Nahan urging federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to get behind WA’s plan for an increased share.

Dr Nahan said the WA’s federal Labor members had not encouraged a better GST deal for the State in their submission to the Productivity Commission inquiry into GST distribution.

“While the WA State Labor Government has made a submission recommending the majority of GST receipts be distributed on a per capita basis, they have absolutely failed when it comes to getting support from their federal colleagues and Mr Shorten,” Dr Nahan said.

“It is clear WA’s federal Labor members are more interest in protecting Bill Shorten than putting the interests of Western Australia first and fighting for a better GST deal for our state and our people”

WA currently receives 34 cents in every GST dollar, while most other states receive amounts between 89 cents and 181 cents.

Dr Nahan has written to Mr Shorten calling for his support for the State Government and Opposition’s approach to the productivity commission for a better GST deal

He said Mr Shorten’s support was crucial.

“It is well known that for Western Australia to receive a better GST deal, Mr Shorten’s support is essential,” Dr Nahan said.

“Labor’s federal members are not interested in fighting for a better GST deal for WA, so I have written to Mr Shorten asking him to articulate his position.”

The letter called for a bipartisan approach to improving WA’s GST share.

“I regret to advise the submission to the Productivity Commission inquiry by your Western Australian federal colleagues does not address the fundamental problem,” the letter reads.

“Western Australia is not being treated fairly under the current distribution system and it needs to be repaired.”

“It is well know that for Western Australia’s position to improve, we require bipartisan support federally. Accordingly, we call on you to articulate your position on this important matter.”

Dr Nahan has criticised the State Government for not encouraging Mr Shorten to support WA’s bid to fix the GST share.

He said while he agreed with Premier Mark McGowan submission calling for the majority of GST distribution to be on a per capita basis, he needed to stand up for a fair deal and “demand Mr Shorten and his WA federal labor colleagues stand with him.”

“The WA Government and their federal Labor colleagues need to show Western Australians they will put a better deal for Western Australia ahead of saving seats in Tasmania and South Australia. They need to get Bill Shorten to speak up about this issue,” Dr Nahan said

“Western Australia will not get a better deal if we do not have bipartisan support at a federal level, and only Bill Shorten is standing in the way of that support.”

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