Multicultural Leaders Slammed Citizenship Reform As “Un-Australian”

New citizenship legislation requires permanent residents to wait four years and pass a university level english test, before applying to become a citizen.

Tony Burke, Labor MP, says the english competency test is something not even Australians could pass.

“They have in front of us legislation that should be withdrawn, because sit deals with a problem that does not exist – the argument they have put forward for it don’t stack up and the arguments against it are overwhelming,” Mr Burke said.

Multicultural groups labeled the citizenship reform as unfair, with fears the new legislation will create a new underclass of permanent residents and harm Australia’s cultural integration.

Ramdas Sankaran, President of the WA Ethnic Community Council believes the reform is un-australian.

“How dare they actually try what they’re trying on people who have come to this country, having done their homework, having fulfilled every requirement of the Australian government in terms of their entry visa, and then not in anyway tried to hide or mislead the australian department of immigration,” Mr Sankaran said.

“whereas these parliamentarians have taken the issue of citizenship in such an incomprehensible way, when they are actively trying to seek changes to the citizenship laws of this country, it is absolutely astounding…”

The Turnbull Government doesn’t have the numbers to pass the reform with Labor, Greens and the Nick Xenophon team blocking the bill in the senate.

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