Merkel welcomes breakthrough in coalition negotiations

Negotiations Breakthrough In German Politics

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has welcomed a breakthrough in negotiations between her conservative Christian Democratic Union bloc and the centre-left Social Democrats.

The development came after talks that lasted over 24 hours between the parties, staying up all night discussing some of the controversial issues between the parties, such as migration.

The parties agreed to limit asylum-seeker arrivals to around 200,000 annually, and seek to cap the number of migrants allowed to join family in Germany at 1000 per month.

Ms Merkel and Martin Schulz, leader of the Social Democrats, held a press conference to announce the step forward after a period of uncertainty following the September elections.

“We have realised that the world isn’t waiting for us,” Ms Merkel said.

“We are convinced that Europe needs a fresh start and have developed the right ideas to go with it.”

“I believe we have reached outstanding results,” Schulz added.

The result of the talks is a 28-page coalition paper, which will serve as the blueprint for cooperation between the parties.

The paper also mentions closer ties with France, greater contributions to the EU, lowering the tax surcharge and a number of other issues the parties have come to an agreement on.

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