McGowan’s Bid To Make Rotto Family Friendly

Premier Mark McGowan has made moves to boost tourism in Rottnest Island with a new ferry contract awarded to Captain Cook Cruisers.

The new service will commence in November this year, ferrying tourists and visitors between Rotto and Fremantle CBD.

It’s a move that Rottnest Island Authority hopes will increase visiting numbers and boost business competition.

There were a total of 645,000 people visited the island, with a six percent increase between 2016-2017 financial year.

Captain Cook Cruisers will be competing with other transport providers such as, Rottnest Express and Rottnest Fast Ferry.

Premier Mark McGowan & Tourism Minister Paul Papalia made the announcement this morning, hoping new competition will reduce travel prices to Rottnest Island for Australian families.

“This new ferry service gives visitors more opportunities to experience the island, which is great news for the local businesses,” The Premier said.

“There will not only be 20 new jobs created to operate the ferry service, but there will also be a multiplier effect with the creation of jobs on the island as businesses continue to grow from increased visitation.”

Meanwhile, Mr Papalia believes the move will make Rottnest Island more accessible, and help local businesses.

“The more people that visit Rottnest Island, the more dollars spent in local businesses both on the island and the surrounding ports,” Mr Papalia said.

“We need to ensure Rottnest Island remains competitive, relevant and continues to be a must-visit tourism destination.”

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