[May’s Memo] Hollywood airheads use Golden Globes to preach to echo-chamber

COMMENTARY – By Christopher May

It’s that time again – the time when the privileged, out of touch Hollywood elites descend from their Beverly Hills mansions and to attend the Golden Globe love-in.

After trying, and failing, to tell Americans that their real-world problems: you know, job security, stagnant wage growth, the death of middle-class jobs in those ‘rust belt states’ are not legitimate, and that they should instead vote for the candidate of Goldman Sachs, Wall Street and perpetual war, actress Meryl Streep used her awards speech to try something different.

The speech started, ironically, by insinuating that President-elect Trump would deport all immigrants (though, not once mentioning him by name). Including the Hollywood types who were born overseas (if only).

No, if you had bothered to watch Trump’s numerous speeches rather than getting your information from the Clinton News Network (more on that later), you would see that the President-elect has vowed to deport illegal immigrants, and secure the Mexican border against illegal migration and drugs smuggling.

Every time, qualifying it with “the wall will have a big beautiful gate for those who come legally”. Unfortunately, not once did Trump threaten to deport overpaid, out of touch, underworked and privileged Hollywood ‘actors’.

Streep went on to accuse Trump of imitating a disabled reporter during the election campaign, an accusation which was denied by the President-elect who claims to have been instead calling him out on false reporting and convenient amnesia when questioned on his false reporting.

Of course, Streep’s confected concern for the disabled is lost when it comes to four people torturing a disabled boy, forcing him to drink toilet water and streaming it live on Facebook. In fact, because the attackers were shouting anti-Trump slogans, there was little to no empathy from the American left for this boy.

Most ironically, Streep goes on to defend the U.S. mainstream media – from the Clinton News Network who actively colluded with the DNC to release debate questions, or the DNC dictating to the Clinton News Network (CNN) what questions to ask GOP candidates during the Primaries.

Or perhaps she is defending the New York Times, who almost daily concocted fake news stories about Trump and was, on numerous occasions, forced to retract.

The entire US news media was actively campaigning for the Clinton machine, the grey line between editorial opinion and news reporting becoming invisible.

By now, you can almost see tears flowing down the botox-tight, pampered faces of these oppressed Hollywood elites and their propagandist friends in the mainstream media. It’s almost as if the “little person” voted for their jobs, security and tax dollars to be spent re-building their crumbling cities rather than fighting futile wars and being in the pockets of Wall Street and Goldman Sachs.

But some of us remember the Bush-era and 2009, when the Hollywood types were anti-war and anti-wall street. Isn’t it ironic when you are so party-partisan that suddenly when “your” party resembles the things you hated President George W. Bush for, you become for them?

Well, modern Hollywood does not fail to entertain. Not for their mediocre acting and dying creativity, though.

Screen Capture Courtesy: Fox Television

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