Mayor Urges Cockburn Residents To Put Pen To Paper

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EVENING NEWS – Mayor Urges Cockburn Residents To Put Pen To Paper (Story begins from 04:48)

An economic study released last week by international firm, AEC Group, has shown that Cockburn residents are financially better off uniting with Kwinana than being split into three different areas.

As such, City of Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett has urged residents who love Cockburn to sign a submission to voice their support against the state government’s plan to carve up Cockburn between Fremantle, Melville and Kwinana.

“What we have got is a large campaign across our community, where 100 community groups, sporting clubs, culture clubs etc out there, getting submission sent to Local Government Advisory Board before the 30th of March,” Mr Howlett said.

“We are encouraging all residents, not only of Cockburn but across the Perth metropolitan area who see and know what we provide. For example, people who work in the industry who are in Cockburn they the great services they receive.”

“We are asking all of them to put pen to paper or get online to put a submission to the LGAB supporting the case of a united Cockburn and Kwinana.”

According to the council, a merger with Kwinana will cost only $7.8 million dollars as opposed to $100 million dollars in the WA government 3 way carve up.

All developments and infrastructure planned for Cockburn can proceed as usual which is another selling point of the Kwinana merger.

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  1. Alex Reply

    Cockburn and Kwinana makes sense whichever way you look at it – financially, for the pollies and for Cockburn residents, it makes sense … Listen to the community, the people who voted you in to represent them.

    Local communities and the city of Cockburn have worked hard together over the years to build a Cockburn that people enjoy living, working and playing in, that has services and facilities which are well used and appreciated by the community. Our hard earned rates which the council has used responsibly, should not be handed out to less efficient councils to squander (as they have their own residents rates) whilst at the same time increasing current Cockburn residents rates and reducing facilities if there was to be a merger

  2. Pam Reply

    The above comment reads as though The Mayor of Cockburn has written it himself! I hear a lot about how well the Cockburn Shire has used the council’s money – where can I see the evidence? can anyone point it out to me? When I drive around parts of Cockburn, they look pretty shabby, council verges, state of roads etc. I’d like to hear from someone with no vested interest about what differences these changes will make.

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