“Massive breakthrough” in MH370’s search for answers

By Cassandra Elliott

“Five new pieces of debris have been recovered off the coast of Madagascar”, says husband of MH370 passenger, Anne Daisy.

At a news conference on Friday, next of kin of the passengers on board MH370 handed over five new pieces of debris that washed up on a beach, believing they’re from the ill-fated aircraft that disappeared four years ago.

The pieces were discovered by fisherman and were found between December 2016 and August 2018, says Ms Daisy’s daughter, Grace, describing the findings as a “massive breakthrough”.

Families of the passengers asked authorities to continue the search at yesterday’s conference.

“The fact that debris is still washing up now means that the investigation should still be live”, said Grace.

An Australian-led search was called off in January last year.

The newly-found debris was turned over to Transport Minister, Anthony Loke at his office outside Kuala Lumpur on Friday.

Mr Loke said, “we are open to proposals [to resume searches] but we must have some credible leads before we decide”.

More than thirty pieces of aircraft debris have washed up all over the world, but only three have been verified to have come from MH370.

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