Mass surrender of Islamic State fighters in last Syrian stronghold

By Helene Fung

Approximately 1,000 Islamic State fighters have surrendered to the Syrian Democratic Forces from the last stronghold in Baghouz.

Under negotiated terms, the injured would be given medical treatment in hospitals while the remainder are headed to jail.

An Egyptian spokesman from the group claims that they had been sitting for days in the desert without any help, and two men had died as a result.

The spokesman admitted to being from ISIS, however there were also claims that there are others in the group who were not fighters, nor do they have anything to do with ISIS.

Many of the men claimed that that they were forced to join the Islamic State when their home towns were invaded, “ISIS took our documents, they made us go to Syria.”

The group also included small children who appear to be malnourished, but did not include any women.

Survivors from Baghouz said that life’s been tough, and it’s been weeks since they have eaten properly.

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