Major Police Investigation into Sexual Abuse Case

An ongoing police investigation undertaken by Taskforce Mirzam, is investigating the sexual abuse of 5 children, with most of the victims under the age of 10 at the time.

It is alleged that the youngest 8 year old victim was sexually abused by her mother, step dad, and a male friend, after a video was found showing the illicit sexual acts.

Police are investigating further allegations that the girl was sexually abused on multiple occasions between 2011 and 2016 by a number of adults.

They were charged with a range of sexual penetration and indecent dealing offences, totaling 23 charges.

Police are also alleging that the girl and two other victims were administered prohibited drugs before they were sexually abused.

“You know this is a very serious offence, no one, absolutely no one in our community should be turning a blind eye when they know children are being sexually assaulted, particularly when parents are involved…” said Superintendent Leonhardt.

The three people charged so far are allegedly involved in swinging and group sex activities, which were advertised online.

It is believed that there are numerous other adults, both male and female, who also took part in these activities, and that on many occasions they involved the 8 year old girl and possibly more of the suspected other victims.

Police Superintendent Sharon Leonhardt is appealing for information from people who engage in these sexual parties and may have been unwittingly exposed to activities with these children.

“Swinging between consenting adults is not a crime, but clearly the sexual abuse of children most certainly is,” she said.

Yesterday Taskforce Mirzam officers executed search warrants at 5 different properties in the metropolitan area. A number of items were seized including electronic storage devices, drugs and drug paraphanalia, a firearm and ammunition.

Two males and one female were arrested, but have not been charged yet whilst they are assisting police with their investigations.

Additionally, a search warrant executed in a residential property in South Australia uncovered various electronic devices, and it is believed the owner originally lived in WA during the time of the assaults.

Investigators are trying to identify additional suspects pictured in the recordings, or anyone who may have viewed or shared them online.

Police expect that there will be further arrests and many more charges made. There are currently a dozen suspects in this investigation. Those found guilty could face up to 20 years in prison.

The child victims, four girls and one boy, have been identified and are all safe, not in any danger.

Superintendent Leonhardt said this is all about protecting our most vulnerable in the community.

“It’s absolutely devastating, it never ceases to amaze me what human beings do to one another, particularly when parents are involved and it is a very big concern,”

“Any child sex abuse is just not acceptable, but I think it makes it particularly serious when you’ve got a parent, a person that should be there protecting their child, conducting in this type of activity… I think it’s very sad.” she said.

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