Local Government Candidate Targets “Back to Basics” Platform for South Perth Council

A South Perth local council candidate said he will bring governance “back to basics” if he is elected to the City of South Perth council.

Tshung Chang said he would focus on local residents as a councillor for the Como ward, “asking a lot of tough questions” to improve the council and its wards for residents and businesses.

“I’ve been looking at it for a while,” he said.

“We’ve had a few issues in South Perth.”

Mr Chang said he planned to target the City of South Perth’s finances, believing financial waste in the council was a primary concern.

“We’ve had the Westralian Square, Westralian Centre project which was actually not something wanted, but yet the council went ahead with it and ended up costing ratepayers $60, 000,” Mr Chang said.

“Another big ticket item is the membership of WALGA that’s costing councils $40, 000 a year.”

“You’ve got also councils spending money on grooming.”

“The public out there are fed up with that.”

Mr Chang said the cost of living had also worsened for residents and business owners, with a three per cent rate increase, greater than the consumer price index (CPI), aiming  to cap the rates to CPI.

He also wants council transparency to eliminate perceived corruption in the council, specifically concerning donations construction and building developers.

“Every second resident I speak to, thinks that there is a perceived influence or perceived corruption going on,” he said.

He stated he “will not be accepting any donations from developers.”

He said his financial platform was a continuation of his economic platform that he ran as a candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party during WA’s state election.

“I went on a platform of essentially a balanced budget and it was an economic platform and that’s given me a spur of motivation to pursue a first time member in local government,” he said.

However, he also plans new road infrastructure with a new Manning Road on-ramp to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion.

The suburb’s environment will also be on the agenda, with aims to preserve McDougall Park as well as other natural areas.

“We’ve got to maintain certain green corridors that’s very valuable or what residents like about South Perth,” Mr Chang said.

Mr Chang said he believed local governments should remain focused on local issues, highlighting debates concerning changing the date of Australia Day as an example that did not involve local councils.

“I don’t think Fremantle or any other council should be talking about changing Australia Day,” Mr Chang said.

“The proper place is federal politics because of the unified national day.”

Mr Chang is confident he can earn the councillor role for Como in South Perth council, claiming it is not bad to be a “‘boring’ council that gets on with its job,’ focusing on issues that can make a difference and what residents want.

However, he said if he loses, he will be back to run again.

“I don’t succeed this time, I’ll go again,” Mr Chang said

“I hope I can get in, but if I don’t I’ll be seeing you again.”

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