Liberals Demand An End To Dirt File Campaign

The Darling Range by-election has gone personal with Liberal Party candidate Alyssa Hayden targeted by a dirt file campaign.

It’s reported that information on Ms Hayden when she was 19 years old were compiled by a supporter within the party, whom disagreed with Ms Hayden’s appointment to the election candidacy.

After the revelations were published by the media this morning, Liberal Opposition Leader Mike Nahan has demanded an end to the campaign.

“I just asked the government to stay away from the dirt, stick to the issues,” Dr Nahan said.

“I suspected that they are going to the dirt because they want to distract people from Darling Range from the true issues, that’s the performance of the government.”

Some local political experts speculate that the Liberal Party has a bigger chance of winning the Darling Range By-Election, due to the recent scandals surrounding Former MP Barry Urban and former candidate Colleen Yates.

Murdoch University Senior Lecturer in Global Politics and Policies, Dr Ian Cook, believes One Nation will have a better chance to do well in the race.

“I think it will be a Liberal Party win, I think One Nation will do quite well in this poll and if they don’t it raised questions about them,” Dr Cook said.

“Certainly, I think they will do well. I’m not quite sure whether they will get ahead of the Liberal Party, and then pick up Liberal Party preferences, and be able to win that seat on that base.”

Dr Cook adviced Darling Range voters should discover the candidates’ knowledge and understanding of major issues in the electorate.

“What they should start thinking about is, how much the candidate understands the electorate, understand the issues on the ground, have a real commitment to engage and track record of engaging with people,” Dr Cook said.

“Showing they are really interested in getting out there in to the community and serving the community, they are not going to disappear in to the party room and never be seen again in the electorate.”

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