Latham: Follow Trump and ban transgender people

Mark Latham, Liberal Democrat and former Labor leader, said Australians should be worried about transgender people serving in our military.

During SKY News’ ‘The Bolt Report’, he suggested that Australia should consider following Donald Trump’s lead and ban transgender people from serving in the military, saying the number one priority of the military was to win wars.

Latham argued transgender soldiers would be unable to complete some tasks.

He had previously made comments about high profile Australian soldier Cate McGregor on Twitter and in newspaper columns – writing how society needed to accept that some jobs could not be done by some people in the ‘gender equation’.

“We see this gender diversity program being pushed through the police and fire brigade in Australia; some of the training requirements have been lowered and lives could be lost,” Latham wrote.

Cate McGregror was Australia’s highest ranking transgender officer prior to her retirement and said the only consideration about who should serve in the military should be their capability, arguing that there’s no compelling military capability argument against transgender service.

“In a democratic society, there is an important principle here that any suitably qualified citizen be allowed to serve in the military,” McGregor said.

Local transgender rights advocate, Kai Schweizer, scoffed at Latham’s comments explaining that transgender people have always served in the armed forces, but they are more visible now.

“Anyone who is willing to risk their life for their country deserves respect and gratitude, regardless of their gender identity,” Schwiezer said.

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